Primary & Secondary School

China Resource City’s primary + secondary school is based on identifying contemporary school facility design issues, create strategies to respond to these issues and develop an overall coherent design that responds to the students, educators and the community.

We believe a school is not only a place of learning, but also a place of interaction, socialization and communication. It is an educational hub for learning and developing mentally, intellectually and physically. It fosters the positive development of the collective team spirit as well as the individual thoughts and reasoning.

Our proposal fosters a confident educational experience through enhancing positive sensorial experiences: linking to the external natural environment where sunlight and air are easily accessible – recognized as a confident influence on the educational development process. It provides opportunities of social interaction for students and staff, acknowledging the importance of balance between the collective and the individual development by creating spaces for student socialization outside of classes and intimate areas where students can be alone to gather their thoughts, spaces that stimulates and offer creative outlets to explore. Organized in a clear hierarchy of functional zones, with efficient separation between the operational and pedagogic program, the layout enhances interaction, easy circulation, and secure environment.

Shenzhen, China
Invited Competition
China Resources Land (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
Site area:
35 654 sqm
21,500 sqm (classroom and facilities + staff housing)