Under the North Metropolis Development Strategy put forward by the Hong Kong leader, a San Tin Technopole is looming on the horizon, doling out 240 hectares of land for use in innovation and technology-related projects. Though still a concept at its nascent stage, its design and planning are going on quietly in full swing. Recently, I talked to […]

In contemporary urban planning, vertical communities, density, and sustainability are integral concepts that intertwine to shape the future of our cities. Resilient vertical urbanism is a new paradigm in shaping the future of cities- blurring the boundaries between buildings and cities and creating vertical communities: imagining within a wide perspective on what makes a great […]

Creating unique exclusive villas has always been about designing a personalised, and extraordinary living experience. We foresee several emerging trends redefining the “luxury” lifestyle living and how it is reflected in villa design. We are dedicated to crafting a living experience that surpasses all boundaries of time and style, effortlessly merging a sense of place […]

Tomorrow’s Educational institutions will be adapting to address student’s needs with an innovative mix of in-person and online learning experiences. Educational venues are no longer just classes for learning, but also safe, engaging, and inclusive spaces, that focus on community, and social while nurturing the span of students’ life, inspiring creativity and fostering health & […]