VC-PE Tower

Competition winning scheme for an iconic commercial high rise tower dedicated to start-ups, venture capitalists, and investment enterprises, situated in the new High-Tech district of Nanshan, Shenzhen. Comprising of a visually stunning 200-meter-high Dia-grid structure containing grade — A office facilities with unique sky gardens situated around the tower, shared facilities and light retail on the lower level, the construction of the tower is destined to be one of the tallest diagrid tower of its kind in the Shenzhen.

Our primary objective was to eliminate imposing elements such as interior structural columns in order to free up net leasable space and offer total flexibility to adapt to changing needs of an enterprise. The diagrid structural system allows for the primary support to be placed on the exterior skin thereby freeing up the interior space. In turn, the structural efficiency of the diagrid becomes the visual identity of the tower. The distinctive trellis network of re-composed steel profiles and aluminium cladded finishing panels provide an iconic identity amidst the conventional “lambda” office-park look. The tower thereby provides adaptive and flexible leasing space, panoramic views of Nanshan and the Nanshan Bay on all 4 sides, and historic identity for start-ups to be associated in creating their marketing brands.

The VC-PE tower is bold and subtle. It combines the flexibility and adaptability of commercial value while creating a sensorial and visual experience. It combines a contemporary boldness and commercial efficiency. It is iconic in its architectural solution. It will truly make a place amongst Shenzhen’s most recognizable contemporary towers.

Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Invited Competition- First Prize selection, Scheme design to Construction Documentation including Site supervision. Delivery
Shenzhen Science, Industry, Trade and Information Technology Commission
Site area:
5,159 sqm
90,000 sqm
Building Height:
200 m
Associated with Executive Architects:
Huazhu Architectural & Engineering Company Ltd.-Shenzhen