Phoenix Island Villa Resort

Situated on a leisured themed man-made island off the coast of Sanya, the Phoenix Island Villa Resort is a hybrid program that combines an exclusive high end resort villa development with a cultural-entertainment-leisure destination point to compliment a developing tourism industry for Sanya.

Creating a series of “floating island pads”, each containing several combined and individual villas, the overall masterplan creates a futuristic floating resort island with natural waterfalls and island landscapes. Providing a private family leisure getaway and incorporating a cultural and entertainment complex, the masterplan navigates the open public spaces with the privacy of the villas above. Public cultural and entertainment facilities are situated on the ground level with an open and pedestrian oriented public realm lush in green tropical vegetation. Above, on these island pads, the resort villas are organised into a series of combined and individual units, offering 32 different combined units of villas ranging from 150 to 250 sqm each with its own private landscape space and ocean view terraces.

The design of the villa units is an open, transparent living space where the exterior gentle undulating mountain landscape plays an important spatial experience throughout the interior. Gently perched above the public facilities and surrounded by lush landscaped vegetation, it overlooks the ocean to the east and west and invites an expansive panoramic view throughout the living and social spaces.

Double insulated glass provides the principal facade material to the south and reflective stainless steel panels to the north to reflect the mountain landscape, the entire house is cloaked in reclaimed wood louver facade system with photovoltaic cells integrated in the roof. Providing a sustainable and eco-conscience approach to residential design, the house is both a testament to contemporary design and respect for the site.

Sanya, Hainan Island, China
Jialong Group-Beijing
Invited Consultation-Concept Design
Site Area:
82,300 sqm
38,400 sqm