Hick’s Residence

Situated within the realm of the Smoky mountain region of Tennessee amidst a vast undulating property of over 26 hectares, the site provides two principal vistas: to the south- soft rolling vistas overlooking the valley of Townsend; to the north, undulating mountain view shielded with trees above the clearing. The design of the new house is an open, transparent living space where the exterior gentle undulating mountain landscape plays an important spatial experience throughout the house. Gently perched on the 2nd knoll of the property, it overlooks the valley to the south and invites an expansive panoramic view throughout the living and social spaces.

Organised in an efficient functional layout, all public-social spaces align towards the southern portion and private spaces such as master bedroom suite, guestrooms and study are organised to the northern side of the house. The dividing line between private and public is articulated along a linear full height shelf system providing a dramatic theatrical backdrop.

Double insulated glass provides the principal facade material to the south and reflective stainless steel panels to the north to reflect the mountain landscape, the entire house is cloaked in reclaimed wood louver facade system with photovoltaic cells integrated in the roof. Providing a sustainable and eco-conscience approach to residential design, the house is both a testament to contemporary design and respect for the site.

Townsend, Tennessee, USA
Mr. & Mrs. HICKS
Concept Design
Property Area:
26 hectares
Total Area:
300 sqm