Gankeng New Technology Masterplan

Nestled between natural undulating mountainous landscape and an ancient Hakka style village, 24 hectares of existing industrial land in northern Longgang district of Shenzhen, a self-sustaining New-Technology district is planned to promote entrepreneurs, start-ups and other R&D specialist to invest and create an entirely new high tech urban district focusing on innovative and creative urban public realm, cutting edge office towers, flexible and adaptive workspace, leisure facilities, exhibition and conferences as well as other social gathering facilities would be integrated. Sustaining the new technology district planning, a large number of diverse residential blocks are also planned to allow for families to young professionals to reside comfortably within vicinity and participate in the creation of the district with active and diverse community. GPS guided people mover pods, pedestrianized promenades, cultural and event pavilions, interactive integration of new technology within the public landscape combine to create an innovative and active public realm promoting the social interaction and well-being of the occupants.

Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
Land-use Feasibility Study
OCT- Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen
Site Area:
246,989 sqm
VR –High tech industry: 1,667,000 sqm; Residential: 1,243,400 sqm; Hotel/Service Apartment/Mixed Use: 175,600 sqm; Education: 149,000 sqm; Retail/F&B: 128,900 sqm