SZMetro Pingshan Retail Centre

Our proposal for the SZMetro Pingshan Retail Centre is an experientially-driven conceptual vision based on the inspiring local landscape. Cascading the gentle rolling mountain landscape unto the site, we construct a tangible and experiential “Urban Living Room” composed of pebbles and ripples. The natural Pingshan landscape of multiple shapes and forms is our guiding principle. We intentionally crafted an urban realm that is intertwined with multi-modal Transit Oriented Development at its heart and connects the inhabitants and users near and far within the “urban living room” by designing opportunities for social interactions, forming diverse and balanced communities, and ultimately conceiving a unique urban core that shapes the Pingshan Leisure & Retail centre as a sustainable and walkable community driven by pedestrian experience, interconnected lifestyle amenities, for a connected and integrated academic and comprehensive service community. At the heart of the development and leveraging technology and artificial intelligence, a Smart TOD is integrated and walkable within residential complexes, education, workplaces, entertainment-leisure, culture, retail, F&B and amenities. It is the embodiment of the 15-minute neighbourhood, creating an iconic, dynamic and sustainable urban core that engages and promotes people and place, through place-making and life-making for its community as a 24-7 lifestyle hub for Live, Work, Play and Learn.

Pingshan District, Shenzhen
Invited Competition- 1st place winner
SZ Metro Real Estate Development Company Ltd
Site Area:
2 Plots: 50, 541 SQM + 15, 836 SQM= 66, 377 SQM
Retail centre: 52,710 SQM, Cultural Facilities: 2000 SQM, & Community Leisure Hub: 3000 SQM